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主講題目:18區故事任你選,你想成為故事的主角嗎?Stories about 18 district for you, do you want to be part of the story?


講者:林曉鋒博士 (夢想閱讀計劃創辦人)

日期:26.10.2019 (星期六)



Nowadays, our life is driven by technology. Children watch videos from the smart phone. They play games with the tablet. How to let them come out from their room? How to let them know more about their district? How to let them to read? Technology is the solution. Through the personalisation technology, we can let the children’s name and their selected cartoon character to be appeared in the storybook. This will surprise our children and increase their interest to read. Dr Alan Lam has a new series of book called “My Hong Kong stories” including 18 books for different districts in Hong Kong. Not only let children be the part of the story, it can guide children to go out to visit our district and finally drive children to learn by reading.



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